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Enter… Le Queen of Boudoir Photography

Photography And The World Of Boudoir

Thank you for visiting my Blog about all things boudoir photography. My name is Le Boudoir Queen, and I have a secret. What is that secret you may ask? Well, you may find this hard to believe, but I’m a fan of boudoir, so I’m creating this blog to talk about my experiences and expertise on the subject. What is your qualifications to claim you’re an expert? Let’s just say I’ve seen a lot of half naked women while carrying a camera. Now, enough about me. Let’s get down to business.

Is Sexy Photography For You?

What is it about boudoir photography that has many many cringing at the though of? Is it mainly due to the ultra sensitive, fast-paced society we live in which tends to overrun the minds of many woman. Maybe it has more to do with a culture that is so involved with looking like their neighbor, but they rarely find the essence of who they are, and where exactly their beauty comes from. Many women thought that they could take beautiful pictures of themselves, and nobody would ever find out, a lot more of them would embrace the journey that celebrates their own beauty. But, we tend walked to the grocery stores, and passed newspaper stands, and we look at these Hollywood created symbols of beauty that in no way actually represent the way real women feel, or see themselves. This is why boudoir is so important. It is a chance for women to see themselves as they may have only previously dreamed.

boudoir photography revolution

My First Time.

My first boudoir experience was wonderful, from both behind, and in front of the camera. My true love lies behind the camera. This is where I can coach, and push women to a place where they can see their own true beauty on a more consistent basis. Hopefully, once the process is over, they can go back into the world with new vigor regarding their own beauty, and a fresh understanding of what it means to be truly beautiful. Boudoir photography also can help women shed many years of negative self talk. As we grown up as little girls, walking through our school hallways, looking it the most popular students in school we have learned to compare ourselves to others, and have neglected to understand that beauty has nothing to do with what people see. TRUE beauty has everything to do with a person’s confidence, and their ability to treat others with respect and dignity. I’m sure you have noticed many times in your life that when you met somebody, and in the beginning you did not think that they were anything special in regards to aesthetic beauty. But, after spending only a couple minutes with them, and seeing who they were in the essence of their personality, they turned out to be the most attractive people you’ve ever met. On the flip-side, I’m sure you’ve met someone that you initially thought was extremely beautiful or handsome, and after a mere two or three minutes of dialogue you found that person to be downright repulsive, on the inside, and outside. Why is this? Is that our eyes playing tricks on us? How can we spend a few minutes talking to somebody, and end up having a complete change in the way that we view that person with our eyes. This is proof that beauty has nothing to do with the way you look, and way more to do with who you are, and the vibrance you exude.

Boudoir is sexy.

Discover Your Uniqueness.

Over the next few years, I hope you enjoy my unique perspective on the boudoir photography. I hope that my words can possibly help someone find the confidence to embark on their own boudoir journey, which undoubtedly will help them discover uniqueness in their own person. I will offer advice, that I believe will help women discover their inner seductress, and build their confidence to a level where they are not only ready to take on the world, But excited to do so. I will also do my best to recommend boudoir photographers from my vast network of Tampa connections, many of whom I have worked on projects with. Over the years I’ve met many talented photographers, and I hope to create a platform here for them to share their stories and experiences as well. Until next time world.


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